Non-Fungible Reality

February 27, 2021

The search for Truth aims to find a universal perspective. The ultimate context to separate right and wrong.

In physics, we call this an absolute reference frame. It serves as a referee answering basic questions about position and velocity. Who's moving and who is standing still?

When I throw a baseball, is the ball moving through the air or is the world moving around the stationary ball?

From the perspective of a spectator, the ball is moving. If you watch from Mars, though, they both move as the Earth rotates.

If we pick a stationary point in outer space, we should be able to make perfect judgements about motion. Or so we thought.

Einstein obliterated our hope of finding this reference frame.

According to special relativity, observers can experience conflicting perceptions of space and time. Although these perspectives may stand in contradiction, all are true.

The universe creates two sides for every story.

If we can't come to a perfect consensus in physics, how can we expect to do the same in politics or relationships?


© 2020 Connor Daly