Welcome to the Decent Alternative

January 04, 2021

Hello internet! Longtime lurker, first time caller here...

I've shot off the occasional tweet over the last couple of years, but I've decided I'd like to dedicate 2021 to improving my writing and participating in the online conversation. The best way to do that is building and writing in public.

My writing will focus on a few different areas. First and foremost, I'm a technologist, and I see the world through the lens of a privileged white male tech developer, but I think I have a few approaches outside the norm.

I'm passionate about the nature of storytelling, its effect on the human consciousness, and how stories shape the future of technology. This isn't a long-winded way to say I like science fiction, but rather an exploration of how deeply stories are embedded in society.

The 2016 election made it obvious that the main battleground of the ongoing global cyber war would no longer be over critical infrastructure like power plants and submarines or even corporate secrets, but over people's minds and their conception of reality. Everyday, there are battles over social media narratives and Truth. I expect to wage mine.

Lastly, I think we are too unimaginative with our society's design. Our vision isn't grand enough. Cryptocurrencies, decentralized systems, and the great tumult of the global pandemic provide us with an opportunity to build new systems and new infrastructures free of the monopolistic centralized control that all too often inhibits civilizational and individual progress.

Hope to see you in the comments.


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