Question Glitches in the Matrix

January 25, 2021

A glitch in the matrix manifests when reality fights back against our understanding of it. A piece of common sense or previously unquestioned knowledge is casually refuted in front of our eyes.

These unsettling moments come with a crisis of conscience. They create a void in our understanding that can either be filled with detail or papered over with the remnants of a displaced story.

You're left with the choice to interrogate your picture of reality or proceed as if nothing happened.

If you choose interrogation, a helpful question to ask is did reality change or was my understanding always flawed?

Sometimes the world does change! If you watch an old movie, you'll occasionally notice mannerisms and behaviors totally out of touch with modern society. Before the fifties, couples really did prefer to sleep in separate twin beds.

But it's far more common to realize that your old knowledge was a simplification.

Reality is far too complicated for humans to comprehend in our minds uncompressed. Instead, we paint a picture and leave out the details we don't need.

Seeing a glitch in the matrix means we left out some of the wrong details in our illustration.

Thankfully, the solution is simple. Turn up the precision.


© 2020 Connor Daly